The Other Side of the Bridge by Mary Lawson

About the book

Arthur and Jake: brothers, yet worlds apart. Arthur is older, shy, dutiful, and set to inherit his father’s farm. Jake is younger and reckless, a dangerous to know. When Laura arrives in their 1930s rural community, an already uneasy relationship is driven to breaking point…

Reviewed by Ecchinswell Reading Group

Well reviewed by the group. Considered to be dour by some, but a very believable story. Interesting insight into how siblings differ but both crave their parents affection. A very good overview of life in this town at different times of the year and different periods of time.
Star rating ****

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2 thoughts on “The Other Side of the Bridge by Mary Lawson”

  1. Reviewed by Fareham 5.30
    Gentle but a lot of meat/substance in it. All enjoyed it. Characters main and minor vividly portrayed. Incidental information e.g. 2nd World War, passage of seasons enrich the story.
    Star rating ****


  2. Reviewed by Lymington U3A Group 2
    Very readable. A good blend of several characters, most of whom were affected by same event in their lives. Good blend of past and present in the way they connect and lead up to conclusion of book.
    Star rating ****


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