The Constant Gardener by John le Carré

About the book

Tessa Quayle–young, beautiful, and dearly beloved to husband Justin–is gruesomely murdered in northern Kenya. When Justin sets out on a personal odyssey to uncover the mystery of her death, what he finds could make him not only a suspect, but also a target for Tessa’s killers.
A master chronicler of the betrayals of ordinary people caught in political conflict, John le Carre portrays the dark side of unbridled capitalism as only he can. In The Constant Gardener he tells a compelling, complex story of a man elevated through tragedy, as Justin Quayle–amateur gardener, aging widower, and ineffectual bureaucrat–discovers his own natural resources and the extraordinary courage of the woman he barely had time to love.

Reviewed by North Baddesley WI

Majority liked the book. Here are some of the comments:- compelling: Thought provoking: beautifully written: good characterisation: easy to read: would read more le Carré.
Star rating: ****

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5 thoughts on “The Constant Gardener by John le Carré”

  1. Reviewed by Faregrove Court Reading Group
    Some found it rather heavy going, but persevered. They found the past a bit intricate. Others enjoyed very much the picture of embassy politics and people contrasted with the sleazy activities of those involved in or with the pharmaceutical industry. Excellent delineation of characters.
    Star rating ***


  2. Reviewed by Denmead Reading Circle
    Everyone enjoyed the book. Good atmosphere, believable plot. Some personal experiences of similar situations.
    Star rating: ****


  3. Reviewed by Sandy Lane Reading Group
    Well written and up to John le Carré’s usual standard. Intriguing, gripping story. Compliments the film, adding details to increase enjoyment
    Star rating: ***


  4. Reviewed by North Baddesley WI Group 2
    Tackles pharmaceutical corruption world wide. The story line mirrored the convoluted relationship with the foreign office, big business and different countries. Mixed feelings about this book and some found it not easy to follow.
    Star rating ***


  5. Review by Alverstoke Ladies
    Thought provoking – generated a lot of discussion. Could make 10 stories out of it!
    Star rating: ***


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