Black Dirt by Nell Leyshon

About the book

Frank lies in bed, his dying dreams haunted by memories of one long-ago summer, the sticky heat of night, and the stories his father told about Christ, the red-breasted robin, and kings Arthur and Alfred. But other images also rise to the surface, unbidden and unwanted, and Frank finds himself forced to recall his older sister, Iris, whose existence – and terrible crime – he has spent long years struggling to forget.

Reviewed by Denmead Reading Circle:

Loved language a ‘layers’ of story. Felt characters were well drawn. Thought the dark side was skilfully handled.

Star rating: ***

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2 thoughts on “Black Dirt by Nell Leyshon”

  1. Review by Wednesday Reading Group:
    Sad, sinister but with detailed descriptions as the dying man recalls his childhood.
    Star rating: **


  2. Review by anonReading Group:
    Neat read and quite moving. There were unanswered questions at the end but it’s a short, easy read.
    Star rating: ***


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