Enduring Love by Ian McEwan

About the book

One windy spring day in the Chilterns Joe Rose’s calm, organised life is shattered by a ballooning accident. The afternoon, Rose reflects, could have ended in mere tragedy, but for his brief meeting with Jed Parry. Unknown to Rose, something passes between them – something that gives birth in Parry to an obsession so powerful that it will test to the limits Rose’s beloved scientific rationalism, threaten the love of his wife Clarissa and drive him to the brink of murder and madness.

Reviewed by Hayling Readers’ Group:

Highly recommended. A tense and unusual beginning gets the reader involved immediately. This story of obsession set in contemporary Britain, is a dramatic and gripping read.

Star rating: ***

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9 thoughts on “Enduring Love by Ian McEwan”

  1. Review by Fordingbridge Reading Group:
    “This book is absorbing and disturbing. The first chapter draws you in and opens up all sorts of possibilities’ and then pulls it all back together in an inevitable ending. Science, literature and medical syndromes are amongst the themes explored. A very good read for a group”
    Rating: ***


  2. Review by New Forest/Waterside U.3.A Theatre & Literature Group:
    A generally appreciated novel . . . Some members find too much introspection hard to deal with. Rated highly on theme, plot, characterisation, style and scene setting. Ample material for discussion. A good “group read”
    Rating: ***


  3. Review by Entre Nous Reading Group:
    The group found the unpredictable nature of this book intriguing. Although we were all pleased to have read the novel, no one felt they had enjoyed it. McEwan has a rare skill in his style of writing that all found compelling, first chapter was amazing.
    Star rating: ***


  4. Review by After Eights, King Somborne Reading Group:
    A gripping read with psychological overtones which made one slightly uncomfortable. Eight of us thoroughly enjoyed the style and use of language although we felt the acquisition of the gun an unnecessary interlude. The steady and intense relationship of the key players which slowly fell apart bringing them to the verge of personal disaster as well developed and the research undertaken to produce this novel gave an authenticity to the book.
    Star rating: ***


  5. Review by Oakley Bookworms:
    Reasonably enjoyable – some interesting subplots. Bit long winded in places. Very original ideas. A good start to the story.
    Star rating **


  6. Review by :Marchwood WI Reading Group:
    A dark story, which not all readers felt comfortable enough with to finish. Some found it a real page turner. Subject good, well researched and well written.
    Star rating: ***+


  7. Review by Solent U3A Reading Group:
    The general opinion of the group was that the book was disappointing and not what was expected. One member was of the opposite opinion and we had a very interesting discussion with everyone contributing on various aspects of the story. A strong opening which did not deliver.
    Star rating: **


  8. Review by Goodworth Clatford WI:
    Well written. Worth reading and though provoking. A bit like a lecture. Some of the group want to read more of the author’s books.
    Star rating: ***


  9. Review by ECCHINSWELL reading group:
    Mixed thoughts on this book. Some doubted Joe’s integrity and mind, others felt sorry for Joe for the pressure on him. Quite a dark theme. Overall a good read.
    Star rating: ***


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