The Only Boy For Me by Gil McNeil

About the book

Single motherhood has never been so much fun.
Annie Baker’s got it made-an idyllic life in the country, a part-time job in town as a freelance film producer, and a boy who’s crazy about her. The only problem is, he’s six years old. Featuring Annie as its frazzled but tireless heroine, Gil McNeil’s endearing first novel turns chaos to poetry.
Annie doesn’t remember what it feels like to be pulled in any less than seven directions at once, but that’s the beauty of her life. It seems like everywhere she turns there’s a crisis in the making and a man who needs fussing over–whether it’s her son, Charlie, who will only eat sausages for breakfast; her high-maintenance director-boss Barney, who’s constantly being attacked by his own espresso maker; the crew on her ad shoots, whose work ethics are controlled exclusively by their stomachs; or her work nemesis, Lawrence, who’s simply out to get her fired. And then she meets Mack…
Funny, heartbreaking, truthful, and romantic, The Only Boy for Me is a stunning debut.

Reviewed by Cowdray Reading Group:

Brilliant laugh, a light-hearted easy read. Some found it slightly contrived, one person found it boring and didn’t rate it. Most thought it an enjoyable read between more challenging books with ephemeral content, a moment in the mind.

Star rating: ***+

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