A Bowl of Cherries by Shena Mackay

About the book

A Bowl of Cherries Shena Mackay tells the story of twin brothers whose lives are inexorably intertwined: Rex, a self-absorbed and successful writer, and Stanley, a minor poet who works as a dishwasher. Rex lives on the family estate being the older of the twins by one minute with his unhappy wife, Daphne, who writes children’s books. Their overweight daughter, Daisy, lives nearby, and as a result of a guilty secret of her own, has married an overbearing, misogynist, and skinflint husband, Julian. Rex’s illegitimate son, Seamus, 14, discovers Daisy quite by accident and their relationship blossoms despite the many flawed characters that surround them. He carries a family secret that proves to be devastating, but which ultimately releases his half-sister Daisy from her torments.

Reviewed by Abbotts Ann WI Reading Group:

Strong characterisations, some credible others not so. Very long sentences and descriptions. Chaotic plot at times. Reasonably good read.

Star rating: **

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2 thoughts on “A Bowl of Cherries by Shena Mackay”

  1. Review by Whitchurch Book Group:
    Varied reactions. Well written but unsympathetic characters. Some found it plausible.
    Star rating: ** to ***

  2. Review by Solent U3A:
    Not a popular choice, the language was too precious, confusing plot, a weak novel.
    Star rating: *

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