Mendel's Dwarf by Simon Mawer

About the book

Like his great-great-great uncle, the early geneticist Gregor Mendel, Dr Benedict Lambert is struggling to unlock the secrets of heredity. But for Benedict the mission is particularly urgent and personal, for his is afflicted by achondroplasia. He is a dwarf. When a chance meeting leads him to the acceptance that he craves, he begins a journey towards correcting the injustice of his own capricious genes, with devastating consequences.

Reviewed by Victoria Group Gosport:

Very much enjoyed by everyone. Hours of discussion – stimulating, well written and informative. thought it a great read. Didn’t quite understand all the science but didn’t really interfere with the story itself. Many layers to the book – love story, history and science. Not the book i would have chosen myself – it made you think!

Star rating: ****

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2 thoughts on “Mendel's Dwarf by Simon Mawer”

  1. Review by The Accidental Reading Group:
    This double-stranded story mixes modern genetics research with a gritty, spunky love story and the history of the foundations of genetics. The main thrust of the book raises questions of the dilemmas of finding faulty chromosomes etc.
    Star rating: ****


  2. Review by Stubbington Book Ends:
    A strange and difficult book to read, both a scientific biography and a love story of sorts. All the group struggled to finish the book but it generated a good discussion.
    Star rating: **


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