The Blackhouse by Peter May

About the book

A brutal killing takes place on the Isle of Lewis, Scotland: a land of harsh beauty and inhabitants of deep-rooted faith.
A MURDER. Detective Inspector Fin Macleod is sent from Edinburgh to investigate. For Lewis-born Macleod, the case represents a journey both home and into his past.
A SECRET. Something lurks within the close-knit island community. Something sinister.
A TRAP. As Fin investigates, old skeletons begin to surface, and soon he, the hunter, becomes the hunted.

Reviewed by Shipton Bellinger WI Reading Group:

A crime novel for those who don’t like crime novels and for everyone else. Beautiful moody descriptions of the Hebrides, finely drawn characters and a good story. We thoroughly recommend this book.

Rating: 4 Stars

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1 thought on “The Blackhouse by Peter May”

  1. Review by Everton Reading Group
    The whole group agreed it was an excellent read. Full of suspense from the beginning with two stories running side by side. The relationships between the characters was very skilful as was the descriptions of the island. You almost felt you were there. A good ending and we all want to read the further books in this series.
    Star rating ****


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