The Body Wore Brocade by James Melville

About the book

“Melville’s strength lies in creating complex and beguiling characters and…he’s never been better.”
Wandering among New Year’s revelers, Superintendent Otani is shot in the back. By strange coincidence, the Noh performer he had been watching earlier in the day is later found strangled in his luxurious home, clad in full Noh costume. The crime rivets the attention of Otani’s entire force, for the late Noh performer had not only been a dedicated amateur artist but also a wealthy businessman. His death liberates a fortune to his sister and his two attractive nephews and also raises some questions: Is the crime personal or political? And how, if at all, does it connect with the near murder of Otani?

Reviewed by Brookmans Reading Group :

Mixed views. Not a very good detective story, more about relationships and Japanese culture. (We do want to find out more about Noh theatre). Generally easy reading. It was suggested we read the earlier stories to see how the character of Otani develops

Rating: **

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1 thought on “The Body Wore Brocade by James Melville”

  1. Review by Blackwater Valley U3A Reading Group:
    None of us really enjoyed this book. We thought the characters were boring and the plot was over simple. It did not give much insight into Japanese culture and people.
    Star rating: *


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