The Fall by Simon Mawer

About the book

Rob and Jamie are great friends from childhood. They have grown up together and become top climbers, but have since become estranged. Rob is nevertheless amazed and grief-stricken when he hears of Jamie’s death after a fall on a relatively easy Welsh rockface.
The past, though, hides the secret clues behind the tragedy. Layer by layer Simon Mawer peels back what happened, going not only into the friends’ childhoods but that of their parents – who were also intimate. And there is no escaping that past – vividly imagined scenes in the London of the Blitz reveal how through two generations Rob and Jamie and their respective parents have been addicted – to desire and the heady dangers of climbing.
Brilliantly structured as we move from past to present and back again, this novel will make Simon Mawer’s literary reputation.

Reviewed by Biscuits, Books and Banter Reading Group:

All enjoyed this gripping and involved tale. Combines well great descriptions of climbing and complex relationships between main characters. Good discussion followed. Most would recommend.

Star rating: ****

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2 thoughts on “The Fall by Simon Mawer”

  1. Review by Perspectives Reading Group:
    Well written, but also easy to read. Very poignant, full of ‘if onlys’. An all women group we enjoyed the descriptions of climbing. We liked the multi-layered complexities of all the relationships and thought the twist at the end was very well worked out.
    Star rating: ****


  2. Review by Sentinel Housing Association Reading Group:
    Loved the climbing aspects to the storyline. Many of us ready to take to the hills! Twist at the end not a huge surprise. Sad ending.
    Star rating: ***


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