Three to see the King by Magnus Mills

About the book

The third book from perhaps the most original comic novelist in England
‘I live in a house built entirely from tin. For a long while I was quite content here, and remained convinced I would find no better place to be. Then one day a woman arrived at my door and said, “So this is where you’ve been hiding.”‘
Living in a tin shack, on a great plain, with only the wind for company: what could be better? But with Mary Petrie rapidly turning your house into a home, and the charismatic Michael Hawkins enticing your neighbours away, suddenly there are choices to be made. Should you stay? Or join the exodus?

Reviewed by  U3A Group 3 Reading Group:

An enjoyable read – unique writing. Provoked much discussion, especially the “allegory” aspect. We wondered which country it was set? Evoked memories from one of the group who lived in a tin house in the Himalayas.

Star rating: ***

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3 thoughts on “Three to see the King by Magnus Mills”

  1. Review by Milford Reading Group:
    Good summing up of human relationships one is a sheep – goat. A quirky novel. Unusual novel in which nothing seems to happen – which is intriguing. As the Guardian says “Philosophy for fiction lovers”.
    Star rating: **


  2. Review by anon reading group:
    Brilliantly written. Easy read leading to a lively discussion. 7 out of 9 found it both interesting and memorable. They thought ‘the King’ was a messianic figure/cult leader/Michael of All Angels – taking clues from the names of Disciple’s given to other characters. Many seemed a symbol of womanhood – mixture of past (holy) women and woman through time, most would have liked an end with more enlightenment . . .
    Rating: ***


  3. Review by The Accidental Book Club
    The book divided the group. Half of us loved it. A very spare and minimal novel that evokes loads of discussion.
    Star rating ***


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