Astonishing Splashes of Colour by Clare Morrall

About the book

When an innocent trip to see the play Peter Pan gives Kitty’s four brothers an excuse to deny her access to her much-loved nieces, she finds herself in a skewed, vividly colored world where children become emblems of hope, longing, and grief. Still reeling from the loss of her own child that never was, Kitty is suddenly made shockingly aware of the real reason for her pervasive sense of non-existence. Suddenly, her family’s oddness, the secrets of her mother’s life and death, and the disappearance of her sister come into a startling new focus—one that leaves Kitty struggling to find own identity.

Reviewed by Eastleigh Library Wednesday Group:

Most enjoyed the book although it was difficult to get inside the character, in particular with her illness. Easy read and gripping.

Star rating: ***

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  1. Review by Yateley Library Reading Group:
    The group generally found this book compelling and easy to read
    Star rating: ***

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