The Invention of Dr Cake by Andrew Motion

About the book

What is the truth about the mysterious Dr Cake? Why, at his funeral, is there no name on the brass plate so ostentatiously screwed into his coffin-lid? Andrew Motion, Poet Laureate, has written a tantalising novel about poets and their afterlife.

Reviewed by Kings Somborne Reading Group:

The group was not absolutely sure whether the subtleties were too confused for clarity, but on the whole accepted it as a book they would recommend.

Star rating: ***

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2 thoughts on “The Invention of Dr Cake by Andrew Motion”

  1. Review by Boaters Book Club
    The group had mixed feelings. The descriptions were liked, especially of the area, the journey, the funeral and the Victorian aspects of communication. How true it was and what the story represented were discussed at length. It was considered well written, readable and different.
    Star rating: **+


  2. Review by Anton Bookies U3A:
    A well crafted fantasy. Lovely descriptive passages with regard to Dr Cake’s room. The distinction between fact and fiction was very blurred and caused a certain amount of confusion.
    Star rating: **+


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