The Story of You by Julie Myerson

About the book

This book begins with snow, the story of you. It is a freezing room in a student house, a sagging mattress on the floor, and two people, one nineteen, the other twenty, kissing passionately, all night. It is to this scene that, twenty years later, Rosy, the narrator of Julie Myerson’s astonishing new novel, returns obsessively. She has just lost a child in a terrible, careless accident, and Tom, her partner, has taken her to Paris to forget about things, to start again. It has snowed in the night and, waking at dawn, Rosy decides to go for a walk. At the hotel desk there’s a note for her: ‘I’m waiting for you X.’ And he is, sitting in the corner of a cafe as she enters almost at random. They talk. He touches her. She turns away and when she looks again he is gone. Was he there? Had she dreamed him? And why, when he e-mails her out of the blue two days later, does he write as though they haven’t met for twenty years? The Story of You is an account of a woman trying to get by as a mother, a wife, while falling in love with a man from a memory.

Reviewed by Abbotts Ann WI Reading Group:

At first, most readers thought this would be a difficult book to finish but, after a few chapters, although not always clear as to what was actually happening – concluded that it was an interesting concept and thought provoking.

Star rating: **

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1 thought on “The Story of You by Julie Myerson”

  1. Review by New Forest/Waterside U3A Reading Group:
    Not an easy book to get into, but it contained plenty of material which stimulated discussion. The extended ‘Nicole created’ sexual dialogues with YOU most readers found boring. Opinions were divided over the husband Tom’s attitude and how much it contributed to Nicole’s retreat into herself after the daughter’s death. That the emotional hook left following the unresolved teenage relationship when the young American walked out of her life was there, gave her an easy route into self-delusion. Too slow to be a thriller it was however honest with the timing of its clues. Not a happy read.
    Star rating: **


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