In the Forest by Edna O’Brien

About the book

IN THE FOREST, set in the west of Ireland, is the story of a young man who shoots dead three people in a forest glade. The young man, Mich O’Kane, is ‘not all there in the head’ as one character puts it. By puberty he is already committing petty crimes, ending up in borstal. By the time he is back home he has also served time in a British jail and is an institutionalised criminal. His sexual fantasies – revolving around women in the village – eventually centre on Eily, an artist and single mother, who lives with her son Maddie. One day Mich pounces, and orders Eily to drive them to the woods nearby.

Reviewed by Blackwater Valley U3A:

We did enjoy this book although we found it very black. The language was flowing and poetic even though the subject was difficult.

Star rating: ***

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2 thoughts on “In the Forest by Edna O’Brien”

  1. Review by Bookworms Reading Group:
    Descriptively written but too dark a subject matter for our group. Wonderful insight into a tortured soul.
    Star rating: ***


  2. Review by King’s Somborne Reading Group:
    We were glad we weren’t required to buy this book. A beautifully written, horrible book.
    Star rating: **


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