The Tenderness of wolves by Stef Penney

As winter tightens its grip on the isolated settlement of Dove River, a woman steers herself for the journey of a lifetime. A man has been brutally murdered and her 17-year old son has disappeared. To clear her son’s name, she has no choice but to follow the tracks leaving the dead man’s cabin.

Reviewed by Kings Somborne Reading Group

A gripping adventure, strong characterisation but rather anachronistic language. Wonderful descriptions and imagery of the harsh landscape and climate. An air of suspicion and uneasiness pervades the story. There were some loose ends but that didn’t bother most of the group, although not all agreed about the books worth.

Star rating: ***

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1 thought on “The Tenderness of wolves by Stef Penney”

  1. Review by Alverstoke Ladies
    All felt it was an excellent book, but a number of loose ends left people frustrated and characters not developed enough. Description of the Canadian wilderness and intense cold were excellent.
    Star rating: ****


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