School Days

School plays a huge part in most children's lives. The idea of going to 'big' school for the first time, or of changing schools, can be a major cause of anxiety. Sharing a book about other children's experiences at school can help to make the experience much less worrying and get them excited about this new adventure.

It’s Kicking off!

It’s the start of the football season and we have something for everyone this season at Hampshire Libraries. Football Lovers... If you want to brush up on your skills before the big game, or get yourself in the mood with a novel, here are a few suggestions for you. The Football Tourist, Stuart Fuller An ebook… Continue reading It’s Kicking off!

Summer Reading Challenge continues to brighten our libraries

Kate Wakley, Library Assistant at Fleet Library, updates us on how the Summer Reading Challenge is going in Fleet... "The weather so far this summer might have been a bit of a wash out, but that hasn’t put the dampers on our Summer Reading Challenge! Here in Fleet we have had a fantastic uptake, breaking our… Continue reading Summer Reading Challenge continues to brighten our libraries