Summer Reading Challenge continues to brighten our libraries

Kate Wakley, Library Assistant at Fleet Library, updates us on how the Summer Reading Challenge is going in Fleet…

“The weather so far this summer might have been a bit of a wash out, but that hasn’t put the dampers on our Summer Reading Challenge!

Here in Fleet we have had a fantastic uptake, breaking our own records on the first day with almost 250 children signing up. Since then we have had steady numbers and at the time of writing this update we have 1234 taking the challenge!

One of the highlights for Fleet is the wonderful Summer Reading Challenge tent that one of our amazing and talented staff members creates each year. This year we have a record breaking tent that would give the Guinness Book of Records a run for it’s money with the facts and figures displayed, and new feats are being added every week.

As well as Reading challenge medallists we had a crafty morning of record breakers. Families enjoyed making their own medals, the tallest and shortest people, and a cup and ball game to see if they could make their own record and then practice beating it.

We have had 103 finishers so far, their names are proudly displayed on our medal board, a sign of great achievement, not least as they have to follow the slimy Giant Snail trail to retrieve their medals. We look forward to that number increasing as the summer holidays continue.”

You can sign up to the Summer Reading Challenge at any Hampshire Library, to find your local library click here.

For more information about the Summer Reading Challenge click here!


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