Black History Month with Britannica

Hampshire Libraries host the digital Britannica Junior, Student, and Adult encyclopedias.

This month they have put together a microsite about Black History Month where you will find links to articles about some of the people we find most inspiring. Britannica have created some great activities for students like a quiz, crossword and word search, plus a very special timeline so students can see just where all these amazing people fit into history.

5 ways Hampshire Libraries can help you with Stoptober

Join 1000’s of smokers in the fight to quit this Stoptober, with a little help from Hampshire Libraries!

Here are 5 ways your library can help you quit the habit…

    1. A wide range of self-help books to get you started on your journey, including the Alan Carr classic, and audiobook guides for those of you who just like to absorb the advice!


    1. E-books for those of you who can squeeze in a quick bit of motivation on the go. Don’t forget, these are free to borrow, free to read, and best of all they’re accessible in the comfort of your pyjamas!


    1. During Stoptober libraries will be featuring displays packed full of books, leaflets and posters to arm you for your battle to quit. (Fordingbridge Library, Yateley Library, Hayling Island Library, Romsey Library, Fair Oak Library, Winchester Discovery Centre, Andover Library and Fleet Library will have displays, to name just a few!)


    1. Attend a Quit 4 Life drop in clinic with specialist advisers hosted at Fleet Library and Gosport Discovery Centre on Saturday mornings, you don’t need an appointment just drop in for some expert support.


    1. Need some extra inspiration? Start planning those holidays you’ll be able to afford with all the money you have saved using our travel e-magazines.


Share your journey with us: tell us how your library has helped you overcome a problem, or achieve a goal.

National Poetry Day – #thinkofapoem

National Poetry Day is taking place on the 8th October this year, and we want you to help us #thinkofapoem!

National Poetry Day is a celebration of everything poetical, and it’s a great excuse to bring everyone together, share ideas and express yourself!

For it’s 21st birthday this year, the theme is light, and the Forward Arts Foundation who facilitate this day are encouraging people to take part by composing poems on social media, using the hash tag #thinkofapoem. Here at Hampshire Libraries, we want you to help us compose a poem about our library service and what it means to you, your friends, family, and community.

So, this is how it works: the first line of the poem will be posted at the bottom of this blog post, you can then add a line to the poem using the comments. 

Here’s the first verse of Hampshire Libraries National Poetry Day poem:

No one tells me to shhh,
The Librarian’s hair is not in a bun,
This is one of my favourite places,
It’s like walking in the sun!

Over to you…

Has all this talk of rhyming put you in a poetical mood? Know any budding John Donne’s? Head over to Winchester Poetry Festival, 7th-9th October, 2016.

A walk in the woods

After spending two decades in England, Bill Bryson returns to the U.S., where he decides the best way to connect with his homeland is to hike the Appalachian Trail with one of his oldest friends.

The new film, starring Robert Redford and Nick Nolte, is out now. The book the film is based on is available from Hampshire Libraries.

We also have the eBook available from our Overdrive collection.

We will have copies of the DVD of the film available for loan as soon as they are released.

Rugby World Cup 2015

The 2015 Rugby World Cup is the eighth Rugby World Cup, the quadrennial rugby union world championship. The tournament is currently being hosted by England from 18 September to 31 October. Twickenham Stadium in London will host the final.

Hampshire libraries have many books about rugby and the players for you to read.

We also have many digital books that you can read from tablets and readers and smartphones from our Overdrive eBook collection.

if you are interested in the history of rugby union, you can use many of our resources including British Newspaper Archive, which allows you to read articles from hundreds of newspapers from around Britain.



book cover

Teaching children how to deal with strangers can be complicated.  How do they tell the difference between ‘safe’ strangers and the other sort?  How do you make them aware of the dangers without making them scared of everything?  Sharing stories with ‘strangers’ in them might help.

book cover

Come and Tell Me – Helen Hollick & Lynda Knott

Jenny learns about ‘stranger danger’ in a safe unthreatening way. She also learns that there are good strangers.
Age: 4+

book cover

Hugless Douglas – David Melling

A fun story of a young bear searching for an appropriate hug to share: useful for discussing touching, families, friends and strangers and how to behave.
Age: 2+

book cover

Stranger Danger? – Anne Fine & Strawberrie Donnelly

A sensible approach to dealing with strangers.  Joe learns to use his common sense and to be polite even to adults he doesn’t know.
Age: 6+

New words added to Oxford Dictionaries

Cat Cafe is one of the latest updates to be found among the hundreds of new words and senses to enter Oxford Dictionaries. You can look for them all at the Oxford Dictionaries eResource available from Hampshire Libraries, at home or in any of our libraries or Discovery Centres.

From YouTuber to fur baby and Grexit to manspreading, the latest update contains words from the worlds of social media and technology, as well as slang and topical terms. So sit back and enjoy our awesomesauce new words!.

Let’s pick that mic up again and check out some of the words that have been added to in the world of informal language. The mic drop in question can be a literal ‘instance of deliberately dropping or tossing aside one’s microphone at the end of a performance or speech one considers to have been particularly impressive’, but it’s more likely to be figurative – or an exclamation to emphasize a particularly impressive point: Nuff said

Battle of Britain Day

On 15 September, 1940, now known as “Battle of Britain Day“, the Luftwaffe launched two huge bombing raids on London. Believing that the RAF was close to breaking point, the attacks were a repeat of their monumental and devastating attack eight days before. Smaller formations of German planes were also planned to attack Portland and Southampton.

Hampshire libraries and Discovery Centres stock many books about the Battle of Britain. We have a particularly large collection at our Farnborough Library as part of their Aviation Collection, with most being available for loan.

We have the digital resource British Newspaper Archive available for customers in our libraries and you can read contemporary accounts of the Battle of Britain from many newspapers.

Many of our digital resources have articles and pictures of the Battle, such as Credo Reference and Britannica.

We also have eBooks for downloading and reading on tablets and readers, such as The Battle of Britain.



Talking About Teeth

book cover

It can feel very strange when a part of your body does something you don’t expect – for instance when you get your first wobbly tooth. Sharing books about teeth (wobbly or otherwise) can be comforting and may help children deal with this new situation.


book cover

Alan’s Big, Scary Teeth – Jarvis

Alan loves being scary.  His big, scary teeth are just the thing for scaring everyone in the jungle.  But Alan has a secret – his teeth come out at night.  What will happen when his teeth go missing?
Age: 3+

book cover

Charlie and the Tooth Fairy – Milary McKay & Sam Hearn

More of a ‘how NOT to’ book than a ‘how TO’.  Charlie and Harry find ingenious ways of getting wobbly teeth to come out quickly and plot ways to trick the tooth fairy into giving them more money.
Age: 5+

book cover

Give Us a Smile, Cinderella – Steve Smallman & Marcin Piwowarski

Cinderella’s stepsisters are so lazy, they can’t even be bothered to brush their teeth. Cinderella brushes her teeth every morning and evening. Whose smile will win the prince?
Age: 7+

book cover

I Want My Tooth – Tony Ross

The Little Princess has got wonderful teeth. But when one of them starts to wobble and wobble and wobble, and then eventually disappears, the hunt is on to find it.
Age: 5+

book cover

Polly’s Wobbly Tooth – Sue Graves

Polly has a very annoying wobbly tooth. She wobbles it all the time, but it just won’t fall out. Whatever can she do?
Age: 5+


book cover

Titchy Witch & the Wobbly Fang – Rose Impey & Katharine McEwen

Titchy Witch’s wobbly fang won’t come out but when she learns about the fang fairy, she makes a spell to lose all her fangs and get lots of surprises. Another spell sorts everything out.
Age: 5+

book cover

Wibble Wobble – Miriam Moss

Brightly illustrated story about a boy losing his first milk tooth.
Age: 4+