World Literacy Day – 8th September 2015

To mark World Literacy Day 2015, at Hampshire Libraries we want to share with you the importance of promoting the ability to read and write.

There are 775 million adults in the world that can’t read or write to a basic everyday standard. At Hampshire Libraries we want to play our part in providing everyone with an opportunity to explore books and words, in a relaxing, open environment.

The ability to read and write is not only a human right, but also a tool for self empowerment, which is why we feel it is so important to share with you what we do, and how you can benefit from our service.

The library is free to join, free to use, and available to everyone in Hampshire, whether you are a book worm, or just getting started. You can join the library online, and use our website to find out about the range of offers we have available, such as courses and classes where you can learn new skills.You don’t even have to go into a library to borrow a book; we also have a free e-book and e-audiobook service you can access when you are a member. If you’re worried about late fees, we send you email reminders to help you avoid them, and you can renew online if you need to.

World Literacy Day, which was declared in 1965 by UNESCO, is all about raising awareness for those who can’t read or write, and for those without access to education, whilst encouraging those who do to rediscover the joy of reading. At Hampshire Libraries we facilitate numerous Reading Groups, which are a fun way of reading regularly, and making friends at the same time. In order to make our service accessible to everyone, we have collections of large print books, audiobooks, and braille.

Low levels of literacy are associated with unemployment, low income generation, higher chances of poor health and propensity towards crime. Libraries play an important part in the journey to literacy, but we aren’t just about books, we hold a wide range of events to support all areas of learning.

If you feel as strongly as we do about this cause you can visit to find out more, and support them by donating to who are raising money to build libraries for children in developing countries.

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