National Poetry Day – #thinkofapoem

National Poetry Day is taking place on the 8th October this year, and we want you to help us #thinkofapoem!

National Poetry Day is a celebration of everything poetical, and it’s a great excuse to bring everyone together, share ideas and express yourself!

For it’s 21st birthday this year, the theme is light, and the Forward Arts Foundation who facilitate this day are encouraging people to take part by composing poems on social media, using the hash tag #thinkofapoem. Here at Hampshire Libraries, we want you to help us compose a poem about our library service and what it means to you, your friends, family, and community.

So, this is how it works: the first line of the poem will be posted at the bottom of this blog post, you can then add a line to the poem using the comments. 

Here’s the first verse of Hampshire Libraries National Poetry Day poem:

No one tells me to shhh,
The Librarian’s hair is not in a bun,
This is one of my favourite places,
It’s like walking in the sun!

Over to you…

Has all this talk of rhyming put you in a poetical mood? Know any budding John Donne’s? Head over to Winchester Poetry Festival, 7th-9th October, 2016.

6 thoughts on “National Poetry Day – #thinkofapoem”

  1. That building, sitting, on the street,
    Grows with the steps of tiny feet,
    Clutching books (and chewing them too!),
    Young minds filled with stuff to do,


  2. Musicians can be found here, playing their songful tunes
    You can listen as you meander, Or relax on bean bag dunes

    Mum and baby groups meet weekly, supporting each other whilst “sing and sign”
    The babies really love it, giggles, laughter, you hardly hear a cry

    Beautiful gifts to be bought, at the well stocked library shop
    Something for everyone can be found, If you have been caught out on the hop

    There are clubs to join aplenty, Job clubs, craft clubs – make a card!
    I want to join the astrology club, use their periscope to see the stars

    Oooh and look a café, selling a variety of teas
    And homemade tasty mortals, with fragrant aroma of coffee

    Saturday morning kids club, creativity with Lego
    Family friendly board games, let me have a go!

    Did you come to borrow a book? A DVD? A manuscript?
    To look at the papers or magazines, Or use the internet?

    There’s so much more on offer, Look and listen, what do you see?
    The friendly staff and volunteers, your library journey begins…


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