The time has come where moustaches are being set free across Hampshire, and the world. Don’t worry, there’s not a national shortage of razors, it’s Movember. The Movember Foundation is a global charity, focussed on improving men’s health by raising awareness and money through their Movember campaign. Each November, millions of men across the world get sponsored to let their moustaches grow.

Hampshire Libraries are full of resources to help keep you informed. We want to share information with those who need it, so help us spread the word and pass along our list of key library resources.

Access to Research


With your Hampshire Libraries membership you get free access to the Access to Research initiative, which is a free portal to a wide range of academic articles and research. You can obtain the latest medial journals by searching key words and phrases such as “Men’s Health” and “Testicular Cancer”.

 Reading about Men’s Health

If you need advice, or are just interested to learn, there are books available about men’s health from Hampshire Libraries. For you chefs out there we’ve also got the Movember cook book Cook like a man.

Books on Prescription

Visit your local branch for Books on Prescription, a collection of books for people who suffer from common mental health problems such as anxiety, depression, anger and panic attacks.


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