Non-Fiction November

This year’s Non-Fiction November theme is maps, so we’re taking a trip into the deepest forests, the highest mountains, and the driest deserts with our essential Non-Fiction November resource list. We’ve split the list in to children’s and adults, but at Hampshire Libraries us grown ups often take a trip to the children’s section!

National Non-Fiction November is a celebration of all things non-fiction, held by the Federation of Children’s Book Groups.


Children’s Atlas, Dorling Kindersley

With a collection of colourful maps and illustrations, the world is opened up to the young reader in this Children’s Atlas. It contains pictures of many of the notable geographical features of the world, with notes on local histories and economies.

Introducing maps, Jack and Meg Gillett

Reading and interpreting a variety of maps is an important geographical skill and enquiry method. Maps and Mapping skills is a series that looks at basic and intermediate geographical skills involved in map reading and map making. By translating the three dimensional into two, children are encouraged to hone their thinking skills and spacial awareness, and consider the presentation of complex information into a logical and usable map.

The travel book, Michael Dubois

A new series of travel books aimed at children aged 8-11yrs, with lively stories, photos, illustrations, cartoons, graphics and fascinating facts about specific cities and countries around the world, inspiring a whole new generation of Michael Palins. The Travel Book also includes facts on capital cities, language and currency, as well as the events, history, food, festivals and fauna that give each country its individual character.

Encyclopaedia Britannica Junior – Free online resource

With your library membership, you can access a whole world of interactive games, maps, facts and quizzes with Encyclopaedia Britannica Junior. Help Jog create a map with Geography Explorer, compare facts about every country in the world, use the interactive atlas to explore the world.



The map that changed the world, Simon Winchester (eBook)

Hidden behind velvet curtains above a stairway in a house in London’s Piccadilly is an enormous and beautiful hand-coloured map – the first geological map of anywhere in the world. Its maker was a farmer’s son named William Smith. Born in 1769 his life was beset by troubles: he was imprisoned for debt, turned out of his home, his work was plagiarised, his wife went insane and the scientific establishment shunned him. It was not until 1829, when a Yorkshire aristocrat recognised his genius that he was returned to London in triumph: The Map That Changed the World is his story.

Temples, Tombs and Hieroglyphs, a brief history of Ancient Egypt, Barbara Mertz (eBook)

Have you ever wondered what it was like in the Valley of the Kings? To unlock the mysteries of the pyramids? Or sail down the Nile on Cleopatra’s Barge? In her fascinating new introduction to the wonders of ancient Egypt expert Barbara Mertz tells the extraordinary history from the first stone age settlements to the age of Cleopatra and the Roman Emperors. It offers not just insights into the glories of the Pharaohs, but also intriguing glimpses of everyday life, folklore and culture.

Around the weird in 80 days, Rich Smith (eBook)

When you’ve broken 25 of the USA’s most absurd laws, what do you do next? If you’re Rich Smith, you return to the scene of the crime, and then: Attend the National Hobo Convention in Britt, Iowa, which includes such treats as the Hobo bake sale, a giant parade, a pie and ice-cream social and the ‘cheerleader omelette breakfast’ Watch the convicts compete in The Prison Rodeo at Louisiana State Penitentiary. Browse for treasures at the World’s Longest Yard sale, held each August along 630 miles of Alabama, Tennessee and Kentucky Expose yourself at the Amtrak Mooning in Orange County, California.

Encyclopaedia Britannica Adult – Free online resource

With your Hampshire library membership, you have access to a portal of information, facts and news stories from around the world. Discover forgotten lands using the online atlas, compare facts about countries, and explore pictures and videos using the Media Browser.

Take a look at our Non-Fiction November eBook special collection, for all ages.

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