Remembrance Day

One of Hampshire Libraries’ digital resources is British Newspaper Archive which has content from 535 British local newspapers. They have put together a number of contemporary accounts of the Armistice.

The Armistice came into being 97 years ago, at the 11th hour of the 11th Day of the 11th month. As the anticipation of the end to hostilities grew, the local papers tried to stay on top of the story while at the same time addressing local concerns. Britiah Newspaper Archive has gathered together some of the coverage and also look at the story of Sussex man, Private Albert Corden. While Albert’s story is ultimately tragic, the story of the local community who worked together to remember him is inspiring.

If you do not already use British Newspaper Archive, you will need to visit one of our libraries or Discovery Centres and register an account. Then use is free and you can read many other accounts of Armistice Day as it happened in 1918.

The picture is from the Liverpool Echo of 11 November 1918


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