Code Club at Andover Library

Hampshire Libraries Code Clubs are filling up fast with 9 – 11 year olds from all over Hampshire who are signing up to learn coding skills and expand their digital horizons. We want as many children to be part of Code Club as possible, so we’re expanding our pilot even further than we had originally planned. Andover Library will be launching Code Club in the New Year, complimenting clubs that are already underway at Winchester, Farnborough, Fareham and Lymington Library, who are nearing the end of their first term. Read about Hampshire Libraries’ first ever code club session.

We need you!

Andover Library needs volunteers to support the running of this new club. Volunteers will receive online training which covers all you need to know, such as programming concepts, practicalities and safeguarding children. You will also be supported by a dedicated member of staff who will work with you to host the club.

You don’t need to know how to code already, but you need to be interested in learning and be confident using a computer and enthusiastic about helping children to learn to code. Ideally, the below should apply to all volunteers:

  1. Be available for one hour on Saturday mornings to volunteer at a Code Club session
  2. Commit to volunteering for at least one term (12 weeks)
  3. Have time to prepare for the Code Club session each week. This may include organising resources and completing the project you will be doing with the children in advance
  4. Be happy to collaborate with the club host at the venue to make the club run smoothly. The club host will accompany you in the session
  5. Be confident with computers. You don’t have to be a coding genius, most clubs start with simple programs like Scratch, which is easy to pick up but you will need to be willing to learn
  6. Be ready to communicate the joy of digital making to a group of around 10 children each week

If you can commit and want to volunteer, or if you would like to know more, sign up at and select Andover Library in your search. A Code Club Coordinator will then contact you to talk about the club and how you can be involved.

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