Sail with Lucky Jack…

For fans of tales of British fighting captains during the age of sail, fighting the French and the elements, Hampshire libraries have eBooks that you can download for free to your tablet or computer.

If you enjoy following the adventures of “Lucky Jack” Aubrey you can now borrow Patrick O’Brian’s books in digital format from our Overdrive eBook collection. For fans of high adventure at sea during the wars with France, we also have eBook versions of the Ramage books from Dudley Pope. We also have eBooks of the original fictional British naval hero; Hornblower from C.S. Forester.

If you prefer paperback or hardback versions, we have all of these books in stock, along with many available as audiobooks on CDs.

For a bit of background reading, we have many non-fiction books about the Napoleonic wars at sea, the ships, and the officers and crews. Maybe try The illustrated guide to Nelson’s Navy, by Nicholas Blake, or Nelson’s favourite: HMS Agamemnon at war, 1781-1809, by Anthony Deane.



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