In a dry season by Peter Robinson

About the book

During a hot summer, drought has depleted Thornfield Reservoir, uncovering the remains of a small village called Hobb’s End, hidden from view for over 40 years. A boy finds a human skeleton, and DCI Alan Banks sets out to uncover the murky past.

Reviewed by Shipton Bellinger WI

A detective story with many sub-plots. The descriptions of life in a very rural village during the WW2 are very good but the other sub-plots seem to muddy the waters a bit. Generally enjoyed.

** 2 stars

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2 thoughts on “In a dry season by Peter Robinson”

  1. Review by Hedge End WI
    This book was well received even by members who are not keen on crime novels. Characters and authenticity of flashbacks to war conditions were most pleasing. This author is now on 8 members’ booklists.
    *** 3 stars

  2. Review by Circuit Reading Group
    Easy, middle of the road read. Predictable but historically interesting.
    Star rating: ***

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