Vernon God Little by D B C Pierre

About the book

Vernon Little is 15 and lives with his mother in Martirio, Texas. His best friend has just massacred 16 of their classmates before killing himself. The town wants vengeance and turns its sights on Vernon, who has just been arrested when he starts telling us his story.

Reviewed by Whitchurch reading Group

A very dodgy start but well worth persevering! Disturbing (if sometimes funny) picture of extreme modern society.

Star rating: ****

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1 thought on “Vernon God Little by D B C Pierre”

  1. Review by Locks Heath Reading Group
    One reader enthused about the book, the humour, the clever construction. However the majority had mixed feelings about whether it was worth reading and hence we couldn’t agree of a rating. It was certainly difficult and some ideas were rather subtle which probably would benefit from reading again, if you could stand it. A number of readers gave up because of the foul language and the unpleasant subject matter. Could this really happen in the USA? Vernon received most of our sympathy being the only character worth saving amongst a community of “bad apples”.
    Star rating: none given


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