The Expats by Chris Pavone

About the book

Kate Moore is an expat mum, newly transplanted from Washington D.C. In Luxembourg, her days are filled with play dates and coffee mornings. But Kate is also guarding a secret – one so momentous it could destroy her neat little expat life.

Reviewed by Betterbook Club (BBC)

Comment were divided from poor to great! Very easy read but unfortunately we felt the characters were unconvincing and the ending contrived. On the plus side most thought it cleverly written and some vivid phrasing. We have given it a 3 rating as although certainly not one of the best books we have read (by far!) it was easy to read and parts cleverly written.

Star rating: ***

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1 thought on “The Expats by Chris Pavone”

  1. Review by Andover Reading Group
    We thought this book has a core of a good story but it was too long. Many illogical incidents and choices. The examination of trust between characters a redeeming factor.
    Star rating **+


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