Find out about Electricity

Britannica is a great source of information on just about everything. Hampshire Libraries have Britannica as a digital resource, and there is a special edition of Britannica just for children, right here!.

To show off some of the nice things you will find in Britannica Junior Library, the team at Britannica have put together a collection of articles and activities all about electricity.

Electricity is a form of energy, but did you know that a spark is a natural form of electricity? 

Children can learn all about electricity, where it comes from and how we use it, with the in-depth Britannica article on the subject. Plus you’ll find puzzles and games in the Activity Centre, including a Word Search, Crossword, a Quiz and a special video!

Anyone who is a member of Hampshire Libraries can use Britannica. You can find it in the eResources page of our website. There are three Britannica’s; Junior, Student, and Adult. All are great for homework and research and have lots of pictures and maps and videos.






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