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The Good father by Noah Hawley

About the book

America is rocked by the shooting of a presidential candidate and the young man arrested for the crime is Danny, the child of Dr Paul Allen’s first marriage – news which sends the family down a harrowing path of no return. Even if he is the only man in the world who believes in Danny’s innocence, Paul is determined to prove it.

Reviewed by Everton Reading Group

A well planned, well written but sad tale. This really pulled at the emotions and empathy for Dr Paul Allen and his experiences. It held the readers’ attention to the very end. A powerful book! For once we can believe what it said on the dust cover!

Star rating: ****

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1 thought on “The Good father by Noah Hawley”

  1. Review by Museum Book Group
    We were all agreed that this was an excellent book although “enjoyed” was a word we hesitated to use in connection with it. Excellent characterisation and vivid and economical scene setting – we were not surprised to learn that Hawley also writes for film and television. It also gave rise to discussion of various themes; parenthood, divorce and its effect on children, nature and nature, guilt and responsibility, and of course gun control laws.
    Star rating: ****


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