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Bad blood by Lorna Sage

About the book

Bad Blood brings alive in vivid detail a time – the 40s and 50s – not so distant from us but now disappeared. It tells the story of a childhood and adolescence dominated by an array of family members.

Reviewed by New Forest/Waterside U3A theatre and literature group

The group rated this book highly for its readability and regretted that we are unlikely to have the joy of more of Lorna Sage’s writing. While the description of vicarage life and the atrociousness of village schooling shocked some of the group a “round the table” expose of everyone’s schooldays settled the authenticity of the writing. That Lorna broke the mould was clear but our discussion revealed in how many ways and to what extent, fuelled by her anger, she drew from disadvantage a positive outcome.

Star rating: ***

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2 thoughts on “Bad blood by Lorna Sage”

  1. Reviewed by Gosport Bookworms
    The whole group found this a good read, described as a “page turner” in its style and creation of life during the post-war period; but some found the author dislikeable. Overall we enjoyed reading this autobiography.
    Star rating: ***


  2. Review by Cowdray Book group
    In spite of the good ratings from the critics we would only rate it as 2 stars. Two of the group found it the reminiscences of their era evocative but all found the boko rather tedious and some younger members gave up after the first few chapters as they found it boring. If we had been studying literature at uni maybe we would have found it more interesting but it was too much like a “study” read rather than an enjoyable one.
    Star rating: **


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