The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society by Mary Ann Shaffer

About the book

It’s January, 1946, and writer Juliet Ashton sits at her desk, vainly seeking a subject for her next book. Out of the blue, she receives a letter from one Dawsey Adams of Guernsey – by chance, he’s acquired a second hand book that once belonged to Juliet – and, spurred on by their mutual love of Charles Lamb, they begin a correspondence.

Reviewed by Page Turners

This book was highly rated by the group. We learnt a lot about the occupation of Guernsey through the members of the society and we loved the characters and the way that their incredible stories were told in a matter of fact way. The style of the book (in the form of letters) worked very well.

Star rating: ****

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4 thoughts on “The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society by Mary Ann Shaffer”

  1. Review by Wallington Village
    Whole book in the form of letters. Enjoyable but left no lasting impression. Pacey. Didn’t flag. Different. Did learn something from this book. Would have liked to have known more about Elizabeth. Made me laugh and cry.
    Star rating: not given


  2. Review by Blank Books
    We found the letter format not the easiest to follow. However, the content was very informative and at times amusing. The styles of the letters were too similar to differentiate between characters.
    Star rating: ***


  3. Review by Reading between the Wines
    Interesting personalities. Most people grew to love the writing styles. A bit predictable and twee but in some ways this lightened the stories of the German Occupation. Overall balanced and enjoyable.
    Star rating: ***


  4. Review by The Bookies ( Hayling Island)
    All members of the group enjoyed this book. Unusual, as it was written in the form of letters. Lovely variety of characters. Easy to read. Would recommend this book.


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