Sovereign by C J Sansom

About the book

Following the uncovering of a plot against his throne in Yorkshire, King Henry VIII has set out on a Progress to the North, to overawe his rebellious subjects there once and for all.

Reviewed by The Benches

Easy to read portrayal of Tudor England at the time of Henry VIII. Questionable use of expletives during the 16th century. Unexpected twist at the end of the novel. Good “beach” read.

Star rating: ***

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1 thought on “Sovereign by C J Sansom”

  1. Review by The Benches
    Sansom writes well although this over long story would have benefitted from more careful pruning. The large cast of characters is too unwieldy and there are to many subplots. However, the action in the tower of London is effective and chilling although overall there is a lack of historical depth through out the book.
    Star rating ***


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