Toast by Nigel Slater

About the book

This is Nigel Slater‘s truly extraordinary story of his childhood remembered through food. Nigel’s likes and dislikes, aversions and sweet-toothed weaknesses form a fascinating and often amusing backdrop to this incredibly moving and evocative memoir of childhood, adolescence and sexual awakening.

Reviewed by Eastleigh Library Wed Afternoon

Mixed reviews within the group. Generally readers thought it was sad and that slater was obsessive about food and that the book was a release for emotions. Some thought it humorous and entertaining, other were irritated by the lack of chronological order of events.

Star rating: ***

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4 thoughts on “Toast by Nigel Slater”

  1. Review by Hawkley
    Generally considered an enjoyable read by the group. It provoked plenty of discussion. A nicely written book that was easy to read.
    Star rating: ***


  2. Review by The Olive Tree
    A very pleasant and enjoyable read which evoked many memories of our own childhoods. A mixture of humour, happiness and sadness which evoked a lively discussion among the group.
    Star rating: ***


  3. Review by Novel Characters
    Group felt that the short chapters were rather disjointed and that it became boring. Very subjective view of childhood – at times it seemed that there was an over emphasis on some sexual experiences just to try and shock the reader.
    Star rating: *


  4. Review by Maisemore
    Enjoyed this book. Evocative of the period; being of a certain age we enjoyed childhood, memories of food, sweets etc.
    Star rating: none given.


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