Winter in Madrid by C J Sansom

About the book

Part thriller, part love story, this tale follows the fortunes of three young men, navigating the tumultous world of 1940s Spain. As the Second World war begins, one is sent to spy on another and the ramifications of a tragic love story will haunt them all.

Reviewed by CC Readers

Gave fascinating insights into a complex period that is hard to analyse. Too long and some details jarred. Many felt it was contrived and various elements had echoes of many other novels. On a positive note – it created a vivid atmosphere “filmic”. Dialogue convincing.

Star rating: ***

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2 thoughts on “Winter in Madrid by C J Sansom”

  1. Review by The Benches
    The author had deviated from his very successful Tudor period novels to write about Spain during part of the 20th century. Good plot with surprising twists. We thought that although we rated it fairly high, his other novels were more researched. Characters were well drawn…no happy ending though!
    Star rating: ***


  2. Review by Goodwood Clatford WI
    An excellent read, we learnt so much from this book. The atmosphere was so evocative and the characters so true to life. Using real life characters gave the story veracity.
    Star rating ****+


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