Celebrate Pancake Day with a deliciously good book

What better way is there to get your tummy rumbling for those tasty pancakes than tucking into a good book?

The big pancake, Emilie Chollat

Seven little boys are very hungry, so their mother makes a big pancake. What happens when the big pancake runs away? The Big Pancake is a Level 1 Read it yourself book, suitable for very early readers who are ready to take their first steps in reading real stories.

Pancake, Judy Brown

Princess Pancake and Prince Ivor getting married? Surely it’s a recipe for disaster! Luckily Portia and her shipmates sail to the rescue and soon Pancake and her nanny, Agnes, are aboard. But Agnes is not all she seems – she’s in league with Count Nasty, and they’ve got plans for Portia.

Poppy’s pancake day, Sue Graves

Poppy and Dad decide to cheer up mum with some pancakes. But they’ve never made pancakes before. The ‘Reading Corner’ series offers a range of fun books with bright illustrations for children starting to read on their own.

Mr Wolf’s pancakes, Jan Fearnley

Mr Wolf fancies some tasty pancakes. Unfortunately, he doesn’t know how to read a recipe, or write a shopping list, or cook pancakes! So Mr Wolf calls on his nurseryland neighbours for some help.

The runaway pancake, Mairi Mackinnon

When seven hungry children have pancakes for breakfast, one pancake refuses to be eaten, jumps out of the pan and rolls right away. Can the runaway pancake escape from the whole family?


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