Strong poison by Dorothy L Sayers

About the book

Lord Peter Wimsey becomes fascinated when bohemian Harriet Vane is accused of murdering her lover. He investigates further and finds himself falling in love with her as he visits her in prison and watches her in court. But can he save her from the gallows?

Reviewed by Bookworms

It took a few chapters to get into the book. Lord Peter Wimsey was an irritating character but he did give a flavour of the 1920s. As the book progressed his intellect was shown as he began to unravel the truth.

Star rating: ***

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2 thoughts on “Strong poison by Dorothy L Sayers”

  1. Review by Anton Bookies
    This book was liked by our reading group. We all thought it was an easy, enjoyable read, very much a book of its time with elements of politics and feminism.
    Star rating: ***


  2. Review by Phoenix
    Most members found it an easy read and enjoyed the plot and representation of 20s Britain. Two members found Lord Peter Wimsey an annoying character and did not like the story and gave up early on.
    Star rating: ***


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