The Storyteller's daughter by Saira Shah

About the book

Saira always felt like an outsider. As a child growing up in Britain, she was told that she came from a far away Eastern land, a magical place that her father, the storyteller, would bring exotically to life. When, at the age of twenty-one, Saira set out to discover this magic land for herself, she found a devastated country quite unlike that of her father’s stories. Worse, as a modern Western woman, she felt despised and powerless. Yet despite the brutal shattering of her dream, Saira came to feel that her own heartfelt story belonged to this troubled land.

Reviewed by Basingstoke Library Thursday Group

“Enjoy” is hardly the right word. I was gripped, caught up in Saira’s search for her roots and moved by her descriptions of the beauty of Afghanistan. What a complex country of national, factional and obsessional groups. she tries so hard to help and after her great efforts and deprivations, her hardships and journeys, she finally has to return to the West – somehow defeated and yet enlightened and most knowledgeable. May all politicians read this book and learn! I learned a lot.

Star rating: ****

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1 thought on “The Storyteller's daughter by Saira Shah”

  1. Review by Anton U3A Bookies
    Well written, raised pertinent issues leading to an in depth discussion. Clarified the position in Afghanistan; time line confusing but well worth reading.
    Star rating: ***


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