Bring up the bodies by Hilary Mantel

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By 1535 Thomas Cromwell, the blacksmith’s son, is far from his humble origins. Chief Minister to Henry VIII, his fortunes have risen with those of Anne Boleyn, Henry’s second wife, for whose sake Henry has broken with Rome and created his own church. But Henry’s actions have forced England into dangerous isolation. Sequel to Wolf Hall.

Reviewed by Meon Valley Reading Group

Enjoyable, very descriptive, well researched and a good insight to court life. Half the book club members loved it and half thought it a little wordy and boring. It has however been the best book this book club has read so far.

Star rating ****

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2 thoughts on “Bring up the bodies by Hilary Mantel”

  1. Review by Ems Valley U3A
    Beautifully written, brought the characters to life. Stands alone but is enhanced by reading Wolf Hall first. It gave a real insight into court life at the time.
    Star rating: ****

  2. Review by Barnfield Book Group
    Demanding writing style. Provoked great discussion. Challenging.
    Star rating: ***

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