The Lighthouse by Alison Moore

About the book

The Lighthouse begins on a North Sea ferry, on whose blustery outer deck stands Futh, a middle aged, recently separated man heading to Germany for a restorative walking holiday. As he travels, he contemplates his childhood; a complicated friendship with the son of a lonely neighbour; his parents’ broken marriage and his own. But the story he keeps coming back to, the person and event affecting all others, is his mother and her abandonment of him as a boy, which left him with a void to fill, a substitute to find.

Reviewed by Museum Reading Group

Once more a split decision! Whilst we all agreed it was a “page-turner” four of us found we were carried along somewhat against our will.

Star rating ***

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1 thought on “The Lighthouse by Alison Moore”

  1. Review by Lymington U3A Reading Group
    Tedious, miserable, pointless story. Not particularly well constructed either.
    Star rating: none


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