The Time traveller's guide to Medieval England by Ian Mortimer

About the book

Imagine you could get into a time machine and travel back to the 14th century. This text sets out to explain what life was like in the most immediate way, through taking the reader to the Middle Ages, and showing everything from the horrors of leprosy and war to the ridiculous excesses of roasted larks and haute couture.

Reviewed by North Baddesley WI Group 2

Enjoyable, informative style of writing. We were able to easily extract interesting snippets of knowledge of life in the 14th century.

Star rating: ****

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1 thought on “The Time traveller's guide to Medieval England by Ian Mortimer”

  1. Review by Page Turners
    Much to discuss; this book was well liked by most of the group. A really different angle to read history from – interesting, entertaining and fun. Highly recommended.
    Star rating ***


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