Happenstance by Carol Shields

About the book

A week spent apart for a long-time married couple brings new and frightening experiences for each. Bewildered in a new city, Brenda struggles to cope. Meanwhile, at home, Jack’s world falls apart; but while dealing with the crises around him, he learns something about himself.

Reviewed by Entre Nous

Interesting and well constructed novel which provoked discussion. Ideal book for a reading group drawing on male-female differing perceptions of moral issues within marriage.

Star rating ***

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2 thoughts on “Happenstance by Carol Shields”

  1. Review by Ems Valley U3A
    Easy to read if a bit mundane. Preferred the wife’s tale; her character was much better drawn than her husband’s.
    Star rating **

  2. Review by Everton Reading Group
    A quaint story with greater interest in the wife’s tale than the husband’s. Well written but rather tedious in the “tale”.
    Star rating ** to ***

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