Teacher, teacher by Jack Sheffield

About the book

It’s 1977 and Jack Sheffield is appointed headmaster of a small village primary school in North Yorkshire. So begins Jack‘s eventful journey through the school year and his attempts to overcome the many problems that face him as a young and inexperienced headmaster.

Reviewed by Biscuits, Books and Banter

Most agreed it was an OK read but nothing very remarkable. Many thought it was all too twee with all the problems getting sorted out and village life portrayed as idyllic in the 1970s. We thought it may make a good Sunday night drama as each chapter was like an episode with problems solved by the end.

Star rating: **

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1 thought on “Teacher, teacher by Jack Sheffield”

  1. Review by Morningtide WI, Lee-on-the-Solent
    An account of the life of s new headmaster at an infants school in a small village in Yorkshire. Amusing and occasionally surprising. Enjoyed by all the group; a book suitable for a gift or for holiday reading.
    Star rating ****


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