The Death and life of Charlie St. Cloud by Ben Sherwood

About the book

When he was a boy, Charlie St. Cloud almost perished in a car crash that killed his little brother, Sam. Years later, Charlie is still trying to atone for his loss. It is only when he meets Tess Carroll, a captivating, adventurous yachtswoman, that he is faced with a choice – between life and death, holding on and letting go.

Reviewed by Lee Reading Group

This is a book about second chances, about the process of grieving, about learning to get go. Love between siblings, parents and children, men and women and love which transcends death. Background characters beautifully observed. Convincing relationships sometimes straying into sentimentality. A minor criticism: credulity stretched just a little over the physical relationship twixt Charlie and Tess but overall a delightful life enhancing read.

Star rating ***

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1 thought on “The Death and life of Charlie St. Cloud by Ben Sherwood”

  1. Review by Saturday Bookworms
    Easy reading, gentle paced. The plot helped young people to move on. Book about love, loss, guilt, letting go and moving on.
    Star rating ** to ***


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