A Thousand acres by Jane Smiley

About the book

Larry Cook’s farm is the largest in Zebulon County, Iowa, and a tribute to his hard work and single-mindedness. His decision to hand the farm over to his 3 daughters is out of character, and Caroline, who has misgivings, is immediately cut out.

Reviewed by Friends of Farnborough

One person thought this was wonderful. A few thought it was quite good but most of the group gave it a two star rating. It was well written but the characters were not that believable.

Star rating **

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2 thoughts on “A Thousand acres by Jane Smiley”

  1. Review by Goodworth Clatford WI
    Well observed small town/family story. A reversal of the Lear story – her the girls are the underdogs – in Lear, the women are on top.
    Star rating ***


  2. Review by Southampton U3A
    Generally well received. We were impressed how the author cleverly worked in aspects of the King Lear text.
    Star rating ***


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