All he ever wanted by Anita Shreve

About the book

It is a fire in a New Hampshire hotel that brings Nicholas van Tassel and Etna Bliss together – two strangers grateful to have escaped the burning building with their lives. Many years later he recounts their courtship and their time together.

Reviewed by Kings Somborne

Very animated discussion. Enjoyed the style, found ourselves gripped. some loved it, some hated it. Although finding the characters unsympathetic we generally agreed that it was a well written study of ambition, secrecy and obsession.

Star rating ***

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1 thought on “All he ever wanted by Anita Shreve”

  1. Review by Alverstoke Ladies
    A bit dismal, about a pompous self obsessed man. Very different to Anita Shreve’s usual style.
    Star rating *

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