Fortune's rocks by Anita Shreve

About the book

14-year-old Olympia Biddeford is spending the summer with her parents at Fortune’s Rocks. She is swiftly despatched to Boston when it’s discovered she has embarked on an affair with a friend of her father’s, but Olympia is already pregnant.

Reviewed by Hayling Island Library Readers’ Group

Anita Shreve is a new author for our group and “Fortune’s rocks” impressed us. We thought the tale of a disastrous love affair, the social manners of the times and the differences in the life of rich and poor was beautifully told. We will read more of this author.

Star rating ****

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3 thoughts on “Fortune's rocks by Anita Shreve”

  1. Review by Entre Nous
    Excellent book for a reading group stimulating much discussion. A scandalous story for the time, 1899, which could have seemed tacky but Anita Shreve treats her characters with dignity and compassion combining amazing prose with detailed descriptions of the landscape, the coast and the everyday life of the time. Very highly recommended.
    Star rating ****


  2. Review by Shipton Bellinger WI
    Most of us did not like this book after reading the first few chapters. We persevered and were delighted that we did. We all enjoyed this well written and thought provoking book. We will be looking for more Anita Shreve.
    Star rating ***


  3. Review by Everton Reading Group
    An enjoyable book well written with strong characterisation and awareness of the social mores of the time. A life, of the main character, lived beyond her years but with immature emotions and disastrous results.
    Star rating ****


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