Moo by Jane Smiley

About the book

Brilliantly funny satire set in a contemporary American university. Deep in the wheatfields of the American midwest, Moo University is in a state of disarray…In this witty and biting comedy of manners, Jane Smiley turns her wryly perceptive eye towards a community where men and women, the innocent and the cynical, thinkers and careerists, live and work together – in complete disharmony.

Reviewed by NWR

This is one of those books where there are so many characters and interweaving plots that it’s easy to lose one’s way. There are many interesting characteristics and observations of campus life and a good deal of humour but it is not an easy book to discuss in a group and a bit of a slog to get through.

Star rating **

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2 thoughts on “Moo by Jane Smiley”

  1. Review by Tarte’s Tatins
    We have read Moo, it was a lot of poo, now over to you!
    Star rating *

  2. Review by Oakham
    Well written but too disjointed. not generally enjoyed except the “hog” bits!
    Star rating **

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