Requiem for a Wren by Nevil Shute

About the book

Janet Prentice is a former Wren who fell in love during the war. The death of her fiance and her hope clouds her future, even when World War II is over. Tragically, her self-destructive urges take her further towards despair.

Reviewed by Goodworth Clatford

The story pivots around the accidental killing of seven people on a plane and Janet’s atonement. Well constructed and the country descriptions were good.

Star rating ***

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1 thought on “Requiem for a Wren by Nevil Shute”

  1. Review by St Johns
    We expected a cracking story and we got one! Most of our members could remember Portsmouth of the war years and it brought back wonderful times and memories. Heartily recommended.
    Star rating ****

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